Recently, I went to the Memorial City area and saw all the lights they had sparkling in the night. What a beautiful sight to behold! It brought back that Christmas excitement I felt as a child--the wonder and surprise of the Christmas season! As I have grown older, I have seen that same elation in my children and now in my grandchildren.

For our family, Christmas sparkles in different ways. It shines as we spend time with family from near and far. It glitters while we enjoy our traditional snack of cheese, sausage and crackers before we open Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. It twinkles when we tell stories of Christmases past and the fun we’ve all shared together. It flickers when we light the candle at church and sing Silent Night.

I pray sometime this Christmas season, you find an opportunity to reflect on everything that sparkles in your life. Thank God for everything He has richly blessed you with – especially family and a Savior who was born for you!

Sheryl Seybold
Early Childhood Education Director