I am blessed to be called to serve and teach Kindergarten at St. Mark. When my family and I were looking for a new church and school home, we attended St. Mark and felt the welcoming family atmosphere. Friendly smiles greet me each morning from the staff, students, and parents alike. Many students express the same feelings to me on a daily basis, but most especially at the Fall Festival. The overwhelming joy of a child seeing their teacher outside of the regular school day is how we should view each day.

The Fall Festival is a church and school-wide event, where families come to fellowship and appreciate the joy and laughter of children playing together. Volunteers spend many hours preparing for this event and they are richly rewarded by the smiling faces.

When asked about the Fall Festival, students in Kindergarten definitely had a lot to say! The students were so excited to share that they wanted to talk over each other and we had to stop to raise our hands and take turns. The excitement of children will certainly add smiles to your day!

One student said, “I helped my mom play the ring toss game with the soda bottles. It made me really happy to play with my mom.”

Several children commented about some of the games and the silly string from the prize store:

  • “I got to get on the Bubble Runners and I got the silly string (from the prize store). I saw a friend and when I saw him I sprayed silly string on him. He sprayed silly string on me back and that made me feel really happy.”
  • “I put silly string on my mom, dad, and brother. I liked it because I had a fun time.

While it may be seen as a small thing to go to the prize store and purchase silly string, it was not really about the silly string for the children---instead it was about who was sprayed and the fun they had with their friends and family. Each and every student commented on who they had enjoyed the various activities with: the bouncy houses, the prize store, the sweet shop, the soccer enclosure, the ring toss, or cake walk and so many more.

I like to think of the silly string as being the connection between all of us, as God’s children. It clings to you, no matter how much you try to wipe it off. St. Mark and the family we have found here is the same way. God has called each of us to serve, whether it is on Sunday, or as a volunteer setting up Fall Festival, or by choosing SML as a place to raise children and grow as God's family. So follow the advice of another Kindergarten friend for next year, “You need to go to the Fall Festival to have fun and play with your friends!”