In August of 1948, Pastor Ed Keiper was called by the Texas District of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod to serve as a Missionary at Large in the Spring Branch area. He found other Lutherans in the area and also canvassed the neighborhood, knocking on the doors of homes and businesses, inviting them to worship together. Since this was before St. Mark was officially formed, Pastor Keiper arranged for worship services to be held in the American Legion Hall. Just three months into the area in November 1948, plans were already adopted for a Sanctuary to be built – the first building to be constructed.

St. Mark was officially organized as a congregation on January 9, 1949. There were 130 people in attendance that day.

Historical Highlights

• The first building on Long Point and Silber was dedicated on April 24, 1949
• St. Mark Lutheran School opened in September 1949 with 18 students
• Approximately eight acres was purchased from the Hillendahl estate in January 1958, moving St. Mark a little over one mile to the west. You know you're in Texas when the church had one stipulation regarding the move: It must have a BBQ pit!
• Our facilities were expanded to include a gym, cafeteria, education center, parlor and offices in 1965
• St. Mark purchased 9.4 acre plot west of Pech Road in January 1991 for just over $1.25 million
• The new ministry building, including a choir practice room and several classrooms, was dedicated on August 19, 1993
Nearly 70 years since Pastor Keiper began his ministry here in Spring Branch, St. Mark Lutheran is still dedicated to sharing our love for Jesus Christ by caring for people and equipping them to live out their faith in the world.

Mission Statement

To assist parents in their God-given responsibility to educate their children-spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically as each child discovers his/her own life purpose in response to God's call to seek, strengthen, and send fully-devoted disciples for Christ.