Here are a few tips to help you have the best evening possible:

1. Let's celebrate!

This event will be similar to last year's set up, which focused on celebrating the incredible community we are all part of at St. Mark. There will be a variety of raffle, live and silent prizes to consider!

2. No check out.

Expect an invoice of your purchases in the week following the Gala. You'll be able to pay your invoice securely through PayPal! Please be sure to enter a valid email address when registering for your tickets.

3. Fellowship Parties/Clinics

iPads will be available to register with SignUpGenius! You'll be able to enter your email address (without signing in) and sign up for the parties you'd like to attend.

4. Keep your stickers safe!

Bid on your favorite items by placing a sticker with your bidder number (included in your bid packet at check-in) on the space for the bid amount you'd like to pay for the item. Don't lose your stickers... they're like money at the gala!

5. What is the fundraising for?

The money raised at the gala will support a complete renovation of the SML Cafeteria including new flooring, paint, ceiling fans/lighting, tables, chairs and upgrades to technology.

6. Tell me more about the dress code.

We want you to have fun with it! Maybe you still fit in your high school prom dress (gasp!), or maybe you'd like to hunt down a vintage suit/tux/dress at your local thrift shop, reuse an old bridesmaid dress, or purchase something shiny and new. Whatever you wear, we can't wait to see it!