St. Mark has continued to deliver an outstanding educational experience for over 70 years.

We've invested in technology so that our Virtual Learning experience meets our expected standards. Families may elect to learn virtually and utilize various platforms including SeeSaw, Google Classroom, and Zoom. Our 1-to-1 iPad program and Swivl technology also allow us to bring the classroom to our students online.

Watch this video to hear an overview of our plans and see Swivl in action.

Check out what our parents are saying about the St. Mark virtual learning experience:

Phillip F., parent of 1st grader

“We have now found a nice routine and have seen a good mix of class work via Zoom, individual work online, and more traditional worksheet and reading work. I have been thrilled to see how my child is learning in a new environment, and have very much felt the support of teachers who have made themselves available almost anytime of day. Nothing can replace the school environment at St. Mark, but we are grateful for the hard work being done to meet the needs of both children and parents.”

Mary M., parent of 5th grader and 7th grader

"Our family is so blessed to be part of St. Mark Lutheran School’s family, and it particularly rings true right now as our children are learning away from campus. Our daughters’ teachers have been so dedicated and creative throughout this online distance learning time. The teachers have been so successful via pre-recorded videos of them teaching a lesson, classroom instruction over Zoom, and daily Zoom calls just to interact with the students and teachers, that our daughters’ level of learning and education has not been diminished even though we are at home. Our children, and we as parents, have definitely felt the love and commitment of St. Mark’s teaching staff, administration, and pastoral staff, as they have continued to both teach online and to share the love of Jesus!"

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